So you may be asking “What is an Eco-Resort”.

An Eco-Resort is a holiday resort that operates according to environmentally sound principles. There are various environmental techniques, methods or actions that can be implemented.

At Mountain Splendour we have already implemented a number of these actions and are in the process of implementing more in the near future.

Our guests are encouraged to conserve water where possible as South Africa is a dry country and water is a limited resource. We are now in the process of collecting rainwater and are using sand filters and UV filters instead of chemicals. Our swimming pool is on a salt chlorinating system instead of using pool chemicals. In our septic tank we add a natural bacteria as an alternative to the usual chemicals used.

It is often the little things that can make a big difference to the environment. So, wherever possible, light bulbs have been changed to the energy efficient type and we have place rechargeable batteries in all of the self-catering units remotes. We make use of only low sulphur diesel in our vehicles and the bike lube stocked in the shop is bio-degradable. We have friendly reminders posted around the resort so guests don’t leave lights on that they are not using and environmental educational messages are posted on the back of all the loo doors!Mountain Splendour is committed to the environment and demonstrated this publicly by participating in Earth Hour in March 2009 and 2010

Mountain Splendour has always found ways to “reduce – reuse and recycle”. In fact almost the entire children’s playground is constructed using discarded and unused farming equipment. In 2008 Iain introduced a recycling facility for glass, paper and tin cans. Very little “rubbish” should end up in the bin if guests make use of the recycling facilities and also take all vegetable scraps and left over bread to the potbellied pigs.

Mountain Splendour has had the Working for Water Team on the property to assist with the control and eradication of invasive plant species. The Working for Water Team are due back as part of their on-going work.

A number of the trees in the resort are not necessarily indigenous. As the park-like surrounds are now well established, an effort is being made to plant indigenous trees and shrubs wherever possible.

In 2009 174 new trees and shrubs were planted and included:earth_friendly_tree_sml

  • Wild Jasmine
  • Pozzle Gosh
  • Sweet Thorn
  • Monkey Plum
  • Kei Apple
  • Fuchra
  • Red Current
  • Boer Bean
  • Cape Chestnut
  • Coastal Cabbage Tree.

In 2010 83 new trees and shrubs were planted including the:

  • 6 indigenous Karee trees
  • 5 Umzimbeet
  • 2 Yellow Wood’s
  • 2 Akasi Karoo
  • 2 White Stalkwood
  • 5 Buffalo Thorn
  • 5 Sweet Thorn
  • 5 Hook Thorn