52Mountain Splendour Eco-Resort is growing in popularity with school groups looking for educational tours, leadership camps or just a school break.

Learners are accommodated in our tents and the groups have the choice of tents with mattresses or tents with beds. Educators are either accommodated in our tents with beds (option of their own ablution facility) or our plettenberg units.

In 2011 Mountain Splendour formed a partnership with Drakensberg Barefoot Adventures to offer school groups a wider range of adventure and team build activities. In 2015 the owners of Barefoot Adventures relocated to Pretoria and Mountain Splendour took over the schools programme. The option for schools to still do their own programme is still available.

2015 has been a busy year for school groups! St Martin’s returned to Mountain Splendour for the 3rd consecutive year. This year’s programme included a night out in the mountains. The learners (and their educators) carried their own gear and food into the mountains to spend one night sleeping in a combination of tents and caves.

Luneberg High School joined us in April for a smaller school camp. They co-ordinated their own programme with guidance from Peter.  Doreen and Fikele kept the campers happily fed!

Busy Bee Primary enjoyed the autumn leaves, had some close encounters with reptiles, climbed the trees and enjoyed scrumptious food.

Over the MiMS weekend Mountain Splendour proudly hosted the Durban Girls College Choir.

Our past groups includeHowick High’s grade 10 pupils have been spending a few days at Mountain Splendour. The group makes use of the river that runs through the property to conduct a water study and make clay animals. Night walks, star gazing, making their own braai and then cooking dinner also form part of the groups activities. For many of the learners it is their first time to camp and everyone loves it!

Hillcrest Primary school’s AR team spent a weekend training and in between training they still had energy to have lots of fun!