In September 2012 an intrepid group of families arrived on bikes at Mountain Splendour.  Having ridden the first day from Rosetta to White Mountain Lodge; the second day of their tour was a ride from White Mountain Lodge to Mountain Splendour. Iain and Sanele guided the group over hills (correction mountains), across river beds and stopped (often) to take in the spectacular views.Due to the popularity of the ride two Burg to Berg rides were organised in 2013.  The riders were blessed with fine weather, awesome trails and spectacular scenery. Additional guides from Mountain Splendour helped split the group up to allow the racing snakes to ride at pace to Mountain Splendour. More relaxed groups were guided by Musa and there we plenty of time taking in the breath-taking views and sharing a coke stop at a local spaza shop.

Read more about Burg2berg 2012 and 2013 adventures on the burg2berg website:

Dates are set for 2014 – 4th to 6th of October with new routes planned for Day 1 and Day 2.

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