1. Pack your tent and poles last, so they are the first thing you take out when you arrive. This makes for easy unpacking and for quick setting up.
  2. Double check that you have your tent pegs.
  3. Yellow globes in your lights will not attract as many bugs as clear globes. Please make sure they are the environmentally friendly long life ones.
  4. Citronella candles are great at repelling bugs, especially mosquitos.
  5. Don’t forget to pack your extension cord and a multi-plug.
  6. A plastic bag to wrap your plugs in so they don’t get wet and trip in the rain.
  7. Headlamps are a must. You can see what you are doing in the dark and still have both hands free.
  8. Big black boxes are about to become your best friend. Have your camping gear neatly stashed away and ready for your next trip.
  9. Bring some black bags along to pack any wet or very dirty equipment into for the journey home.
  10. Bring marshmallows for the braai.
  11. Keep it simple!!!

Extra Winter Camping Tips

  1. Remember cold air rises so you will be getting cold from the ground up. A good tip to stop some of the cold air getting to you at night is to put a layer of either newspaper or cardboard under your mattress or a blanket under your sleeping bag. Bring lots of blankets and or duvets.
  2. Air mattresses tend to go flat in cold weather.
  3. Hot water bottles are a good item to keep you warm not only at night but can be used during the day to stay warm. We do have limited hot water bottles in the shop for hire if you forget to bring yours.
  4. Other items that will make your stay warmer include beanies, scarves and gloves. And not forgetting those nice thick jackets. They are not only handy for during the day but they also help to keep you warm at night.
  5. A good book and some hot chocolate.