Mountain Splendour has a limited number of caravan storage bays. Guests who store their caravans, tents or trailers with us, arrive to a set up caravan ready to begin their weekend away or holiday! Storing your caravan at Mountain Splendour takes the hassle out of towing your caravan and setting up and taking down a tent (especially if it is wet!). Your monthly storage fees includes a free water wash, the towing of your caravan onto site, the erecting of your tent and electricity hook up. At the end of your stay Mountain Splendour staff return your caravan to the secure storage facility.

Most of our storage bays are under shade cloth. However, in response to requests from our guests, we are constantly extending the steel structure replacing the shade cloth bays as we go. These bays offer more protection to stored caravans than the shade cloth.If you are interested in storing your caravan at Mountain Splendour, please contact us on to find out the currently monthly rates and to book your space!

We also provide guests with the option of storing their trailer or tent with us.  Trailers are stored under a steel shed and tents are stored in individual cubicles in a storage facility. Trailers and tents are set up prior to arrival just as the caravans are – making for a fuss-free weekend or holiday with us.

2018 Storage Rates (remained unchanged from 2017):
Steel Storage Bays: R395.00 per month
Shade Cloth Storage Bays: R350.00 per month
Venter Trailer Storage: R180.00 per month
Open Air Storage: R150.00 per month
Tent (single cubicle): R100.00 per month
Tent (double cubicle): R190.00 per month