This is camping made oh so easy, arrive to a fully equipped, pre-erected tent.  Sleep in a real bed while enjoying an authentic camping experience.
GLAMPING [noun] associated with traditional camping.  Glamping is for the city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries.

ORIGIN early 21st century: blend of glamorous and camping.

Arrive, unpack and stay - just as you would in a self-catering unit.  Glamping tents are fully equipped fridge, lights, tables, chairs, beds (with linen, crockery and cutlery).  There is also an option to upgrade to one of our private ablution sites.  This is no fuss camping for a discerning camper.  



Welcome to the wonderful world of GLAMPING! 


Quick hints for a better Glamping experience:

The beds come with linen.

In winter electric blankets are provided.

NO TOWELS are provided –we suggest that you bring a swimming towel as well as bath towel.

If you have never camped before you might be wondering what else to pack. If you google “camping packing lists” you will end up with a long and confusing list of gadgets, gizmos and other apparently essential items required to ward of brown bears (who in America seem partial to stealing campers provisions)!  We are happy to report we do not have brown bears and the bakery and local supermarkets make it easy to buy whatever you have forgotten.


  • So the following items are probably the bare essentials you need to survive enjoy a weekend of camping:

  • Headlamps, torches or solar jars.

  • Multi-plug and cell phone charges.

  • Matches and marshmallows (essential items).

  • Clothes pegs are useful if you want to hang up your towels to the guy ropes.

  • Mosquito repellent/citronella candles if you are coming in summer.

  • Board games or a pack of cards. Colouring in books or something else to keep little people busy on wet days.

  • Sun cream and sunhats.  

  • Backpack in case you want to go hiking and a blanket to take on a picnic.

  • If your kids love riding their bikes all day and all night –a bike light and a helmet are a good idea (we sell them in our bikeshop if you forget to pack them).

  • Some cash (ATMs can run out during busy periods).

  • Gumboots if you are coming is summer (keep your feet cleaner than slops between the bathrooms and your campsite after your evening shower).

  • A little bit of washing powder in case you want to rinse something out.

  • A gazebo is useful if you have one to bring.

  • If you are a keen birder bring along your binoculars and your bird book.